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Gnetutil provides a graphical interface written with the gnome libraries allowing to use the usual programs ping, traceroute, host and finger. So, you can make the differents queries without lanching a terminal emulator.

This program is a clone of the kde program Knu.


You can download version 0.1 (released 1999-09-30) of Gnetutil.

You can download version 0.2 (released 1999-11-10) of Gnetutil.

You can download version 0.3 (released 2000-01-09) of Gnetutil.

You can download version 1.0 (released 2000-03-28) of Gnetutil.

The Gnetutil program uses the GNOME library. So, be sure that you have installed it.

A few words from the author

This is my second development project, and I acknowledge that I am far from being an expert C programmer. Please don't hesitate to send me your remarks and comments at


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